Anne Marie Quilt

Velkommen til Anne Maries Quilt !

mandag 26. september 2016

3 new table runners

I have bought some new sweet Lecian fabrics and turned them into 3 table runners.

fredag 2. september 2016

Dresden table runner

I have made yet another Dresden table runner. I have used Moda/ Mid Winter Reds. 

søndag 28. august 2016

torsdag 25. august 2016

Frivol #9 finished

My first Frivol is finished, only 11 more to go ! I will not be out project next winter. 

mandag 8. august 2016

A small baby Quilt is finished

I have just finished a small baby Quilt using english paper piecing. 
I love how it turned out.  


tirsdag 2. august 2016

English paper piecing, my new project. I am planning for a small baby quilt. I have always loved blue and I am told that there is a baby boy on the way. I am making the happy dance. I have always loved making small baby quilts small enough to fit in a stroller. There is something about planning, finding fabric and get organized that I love the most about the process. I have 2 option´s, what do you think?

mandag 18. juli 2016

1 table runner and 4 place mates

I have made 1 table runner and 4 place mates for my daughter Tonje. She is going to move into her first appartment this fall and she is very excited and she asked very carefully If I could  make something for her new place and yes I loved making these small things !! 

søndag 3. juli 2016

2 new bags

I have made 2 new bags using "veskekurven", design RyumQuilt. 
The black one is a lot bigger than the original pattern. 

mandag 27. juni 2016

4 new place mat's

I have made 4 new place mat's for my daughter Marit. I have used Moda Zenchic "Modern Background INK". 

søndag 19. juni 2016

A new table runner

A new table runner for my oldest daughter Marit. I hope she will like it !